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  • New and updated Infusionsoft Contacts to QuickBooks Desktop Customers


  • Customers and
  • New and updated QuickBooks Desktop Customers to Infusionsoft Contacts


  • Customers, Customers-Plus and
  • Sync New Infusionsoft Orders to QuickBooks Desktop Invoices
  • Sync Infusionsoft Payments to QuickBooks Desktop Invoices
    • One-Time Payments
    • Partial Payments
    • Completed Payments
  • Infusionsoft Refunds to QuickBooks Desktop Credit Memo
  • New Infusionsoft Products to QuickBooks Desktop Non-Inventory Items
  • New QuickBooks Desktop Items to Infusionsoft Products
    • Non-Inventory Items
    • Inventory Items
    • Service Items
    • Other Charge Items