Does this connect with all versions of QuickBooks Desktop?

Yes, US, CA, and UK versions only at this time

Will this connect with QuickBooks Online?


Is this difficult to install?

Easy as 1,2,3. Have the Infusionsoft API Key ready & should take less than 5 minutes from start to transferring data.

What makes this better?

No Mapping. Simple easy install. Eliminates costly double entry & errors. Saves time & money. Cost efficient.

If I’m not satisfied, can I cancel?


Will I get future upgrades?

Yes. Maintenance, bug fixes, upgrades included.

I need to transfer a particular field from Infusionsoft to QuickBooks Desktop or the other direction, that is not currently supported. Will future versions of the connector allow this

Tell us what you would like to connect from or to Infusionsoft-QuickBooks that is not already listed in the upcoming Financials or Financial-Plus versions. We will let you know if it is possible. Use Contact Form.

Do you have a trial version?

Yes. Enter account set up, payment options, trial. Trial version is 3 days. After 3 days, credit card will be processed if not cancelled.

Will manual payments be recorded (cash, check etc)?

Yes, any payments in Infusionsoft will sync into QuickBooks Desktop as a Received payment.

If payments in Infusionsoft are back dated, will this be reflected in Quickbooks?

Yes, the payment date in Infusionsoft is sent over in QuickBooks as the payment date for the Received Payment.

If a subscription is created how will this display in Quickbooks? (E.g. we sell a $24k product in 3 $8k payments. We would like an order to be created for the total value of $24k and then each payment of $8k to be credited against that order until it is fully paid.)

As the subscriptions become invoiced, it is the invoices that are synced in to QuickBooks – so it works for one-time as well as subscription based sales. The payment is always associated with the customer in QuickBooks Desktop.

What happens if an order in Infusionsoft is refunded / cancelled? Will this be fully reflected in Quickbooks?

Yes, refunded orders are synced as Credit Memos in QuickBooks Desktop

What happens if an order is changed after the fact (e.g. order total, 1-off payment vs subscription, client details etc)? Are all edits synced back to Quickbooks?

Yes, updates to invoices and additional payments are synced back into QuickBooks Desktop.

When I sync from Infusionsoft to QuickBooks Desktop, can I sync specific contacts?

Yes, with the [003]/Filter Infusionsoft Contact premium Add-On, you can set the filtering criteria to anything. Typically the criteria will filter on contacts having tags related to having made on order and a date range going back 14 days. To sync a specific Infusionsoft contact, set the filtering criteria to the ID number of the contact and save. On the Settings page, set the Infusionsoft Contact Filter to this saved search. Run the QuickBooks Web connector at least two times. The first time, the datasync will check if the contact already exists in QuickBooks. The second time, it will match the contact if found or will create the new contact in QuickBooks if it wasn't found.