User Guide

Quick Start Guide

Below are Steps to set-up your EchoWare Infusionsoft - Quicbooks Desktop Data Connector

EchoWare DataConnector requires an active Infusionsoft account and connects to QuickBooks Desktop using the QuickBooks Web Connector.

  1. Log into your Infusionsoft Account and create Saved Search called 'UpdatedContacts' with search on Modified Date = Today()

  2. Create new EchoWare account.
    1. Go to: and select 'Sign Up' menu option.
    2. Fill in all registration fields.
    3. Select 'Continue to Payment Selection' button at bottom.

    4. Select Customers or Customers-Plus, or a trial account option. Enter Credit Card info and select 'Pay By Credit Card' button.

    5. Once your credit card information has been accepted, the following 'Thank you' screen will be displayed.

    6. Using your new credentials, select the 'Log iN' button at the upper right and log into your new account.

    7. Using your new credentials, select the 'Log in' button at the upper right and log into your new account. The following screen will appear on the first login into your account.

    8. Select 'Press to Connect to Infusionsoft'.

    9. If you are asked to log into your Infusionsoft account, Log in now.

    10. Select 'Allow' to connect your Infusionsoft account. You will be returned back to the Settings page, as shown below.

    11. Select the 'Update Search' from the dropdown.
      Enter the QuickBooks Account associated with Non-Inventory Items.
      Enter the QuickBooks Item name to be used as the line item in Credit Memos when an Infusionsoft Refund is processed.
      Select 'Save Setting's button..

    12. Your new EchoWare account is now created. You will receive an email notification.

  3. Connect to QuickBooks Web Connector:

    1. Start QuickBooks and load your Company File.
    2. Select 'Download Infusionsoft-QuickBooks (Desktop) Connector' button to download QWC file
    3. Start QuickBooks Web Connector and select 'Add an application'
    4. Select the QWC file you just downloaded and select 'Open'

  4. Your Data Connector is ready to run! You can run it one of two ways:

    Before running you must enter your EchoWare account password that you used during account registration (as shown in the screenshot below) and select 'Yes' button in the dialog.

    Option 1. Run Data Connector on Demand 

    1.1 select Checkbox at left next to 'EchoWare' data connector name
    1.2 Select 'Update Selected' button. This will cause the Data Sync to run

    Option 2. Run Data Connector automatically in background

    2.1 select 'Auto Run' Checkbox. Enter number of minutes - do not enter a number less than 15.